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Mission Statement

divider Wilmington Orthodontics is dedicated to providing the highest quality orthodontic treatment to our patients in a professional, compassionate and fun environment. Our goal is to create beautiful smiles and healthy, balanced bites. We use state of the art technology for diagnosis and detail oriented treatment planning. We provide outstanding, individualized care for each of our valued patients. We take pride in educating our patients about their orthodontic treatment and communicate in a comprehensive, responsive and caring manner.
We are passionate about our work and dedicated to the total patient experience.

Right Age

Orthodontists today can successfully correct most many dental problems regardless of the patient's age . However, differences in jaw growth contribute to many orthodontic problems. In fact it may play a significant role in the total time and expenses required for the completion of the orthodontic treatment.

Early Intervention

Early intervention can make a dramatic impact on establishing the proper occlusal foundation. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that all children have a check-up with an orthodontist by the time they reach age 7, for early detection of any potential problems. By the age of 7, some of the permanent teeth have erupted, so that most children have a mix of adult and baby teeth. At this stage of mixed dentition, potential orthodontic problems related to jaw growth and eruption of adult teeth can be spotted. Some growth-related orthodontic problems are easier to correct when they are identified early and the orthodontist has the ability to guide the growth of the jaws and the eruption of the teeth.

An early exam allows us to determine how and when a child's particular jaw and/or dental problems should be corrected for the optimal results. Early treatment, or Phase I treatment, may be needed to create a better environment to idealize the occlusion and create a more optimum condition for the permanent teeth to erupt. An early orthodontic examination does not always result in immediate treatment. After evaluating your child, we may simply want to monitor your child periodically while the permanent teeth erupt and the jaws and face continue to develop.

Adolescent Treatment

Most orthodontic problems are ideally treated during this time. Usually, all or most permanent teeth are erupted and patients are at one of their most active phases of growth. This is an ideal time to correct most problems, as the jaws are actively growing and their growth can be most easily directed during this time. We feel it is very important that our teen age patients understand their treatment goals and are committed as part of a team to achieving the best results possible.

Adult Treatment

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, and it is never too late to improve your smile. Our team works with all of our adult patients to address the adult patients' individual concerns and create the smile they have always dreamed. Adult treatment involves a team approach that involves close communication with the patient's General Dentist as well as possibly a Periodontist and/or an Oral Surgeon.

Dr. Perlitsh has excellent communication and collaborative treatment planning skills.